Quail Hunting
October 1- April 30
Deer Huntung
State Regulated
Turkey Hunting
State Regulated
With over 4200 acres of scenic woodlands and fields to ensure that each hunt provides the ultimate in sensory stimulation. Intensively managed for the abundant wildlife, a mosaic of natural cover, wildlife food plots, and managed timber areas make each turn in every trail and exercise for anticipation and excitement.

Hunt over some of the South's finest pointers, professionally trained, and handled by professional guides. The enthusiasm, intensity and style of each brace is sure to impress even the most serious hunter.

Find ten to twelve coveys of wild, early-release and released birds per hunt. The variety of cover and terrain, combined with abundant opportunities, guarantee that each hunt at Millbrook Plantation is a memorable adventure.

In addition to world class quail hunts, Millbrook Plantation offers, on a limited basis, trophy white-tail deer hunts and spring turkey hunts.

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Game Reserve       Stonewall, Mississippi
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